Pick a Celeb to Watch These Movies With and We’ll Reveal the Final Ending

Will you have a happily ever after?

Many of us fantasize about meeting our favorite celebrities. So in this quiz, you get to take that daydream one step further by pretending to catch a movie showing with different celebrities. There are movies from multiple genres and you get to choose a different famous person to be your movie buddy for each film.

Imagine you're both sitting in a dark movie theater. He or she is munching on some popcorn and you're both waiting for the movie to start. The lights dim and the movie starts playing. What happens afterwards? A lot of different scenarios can ensue, and it is all dependent on the sort of celeb movie buddy you choose.

At the end of the quiz, we'll let you know how YOUR ending turned out. Will any sparks fly between the two of you or will you and your favorite celeb simply part ways? Start the quiz to find out!

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