❀ What % Emotional and What % Logical Are You? 🧠

Are you ruled by your heart or your mind?

❀ What % Emotional and What % Logical Are You? 🧠 Quiz

When making decisions, do you normally go with your head or your heart? If you think that the most practical option is always the best, you may be forgetting that things aren't always as black and white as they seem. It is also important to consider the feelings of people involved and any emotional repercussions.

If you could buy your dream vehicle at a price that would set you back financially, what would you do? Logically, it's a definite no. But many people go into debt just to afford a car they love. If you were dating someone who is attractive and has a great personality, but you simply don't feel a deep connection to him or her, would you stay in the relationship?

If you're still wondering if you're more logical or emotional, this quiz will help determine that. Answer the following questions truthfully and you'll know whether you are ruled by your heart or your mind.

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❀ What % Emotional and What % Logical Are You? 🧠 Quiz Questions