What % Nerdy Are You?

Let's talk nerdy.

Nerds have always been associated with being uncool and unpopular. They seem to behave differently or possess unfavorable characteristics. However, if you're a nerd, you don't need to be ashamed. You have traits that many people actually envy!

A nerd is incredibly smart, so people think of you as a human encyclopedia. They look to you for a solution to a question that Google would take longer to answer. You tend not to get caught up in gossip and rumors; you'd rather look at just the facts. This way, you don't waste your time on any unnecessary conversations. Today, nerd culture has become a huge part of mainstream culture, so you're probably ahead of the curve. This applies to your knowledge of indie music, comic books, and sci-fi shows.

In this quiz, you can find out how nerdy you actually are! All you have to do is answer the following questions about yourself and we'll reveal your exact nerd percentage.

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