Which Badass Woman from History Are You?

Which of these powerful women are you most like?

You must have heard the saying, "behind every great man is a great woman", or at least a variation of that. We celebrate the history-making achievements of men over the years, but rarely do we hear about the strong women who have accomplished similar feats. Here, we will put a spotlight on them.

The feminist movement is going strong today, but before it gained popularity, there was a lot of hard work to get it started. Gloria Steinem essentially began this movement by advocating for equal rights and cementing her status as a feminist icon. Mindy Kaling is a familiar name in the entertainment industry, but the multi-faceted artiste didn't have it easy. For an Indian plus-sized woman, the industry was extremely hard to break into, but she broke all boundaries and managed to lead her own sitcom.

Find out which strong woman from history you are most like in this quiz. Answer the following questions with your honest opinions. Based on your answers, we will tell you the badass historical woman you're most similar to.

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Which Historic Badass Woman Are You? Quiz Questions

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