The Hardest Game of “Which Must Go” For Anyone Who Loves Classic TV

One can stay, but the other must go.

The Hardest Game of Which Must Go For Anyone Who Loves … Quiz

In a world that seems increasingly unpredictable and chaotic, tuning in to an old show that we loved as a child can make us feel safe and secure. There is something very comforting about television from yesteryear to remind you of a time when life was simpler. (And to remind you that you're super old now.) Rewatching The Golden Girls or Friends, is like hanging out with old friends.

For most of us who grew up watching sitcoms on television, we all have our own favorites. Even as new shows are released in the decades afterwards, there is always going to be a special place in our heart for our childhood favorites.

Whatever your home life, odds are you sat and watched many of the series on this quiz. What if you had to give up some of the shows and pretend they never existed? What shows would you choose to eliminate if you had to and which ones would remain?


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The Hardest Game of Which Must Go For Anyone Who Loves … Quiz Questions