Which Three Pixar Characters Are You?

Three for the price of one quiz!

When watching a Pixar movie, many of us become emotionally invested. We laugh and cry along with the characters, who are created with extremely relatable human-like qualities and problems.

The opening scene of Up turned many of us into an emotional wreck. The montage of Carl and Ellie's loving relationship that extended until its tragic ending would have struck a chord with anyone who has ever lost a loved one. When Andy gave away his toys in Toy Story 3, it was #relatable. Andy had grown up, just as the kids who grew up watching the first two films had by the time they were watching the third one. If you're a dad or close to your dad, you probably bawled when Sulley left Boo in Monsters, Inc. He protected and cared for the girl like his own daughter despite the unlikely circumstances.

In this quiz, let us analyze your personality based on the Pixar-related choices you make. Your opinions will determine which three Pixar characters you're a mix of!

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