🗼 Can You Match 16/21 of These World Famous Landmarks to Their Continent?

Do you know where these famous destinations are?

Across all the continents, there are hundreds of famous attractions, awe-inspiring natural wonders, and spectacular human-built structures that are internationally recognizable. These iconic landmarks are known all over the world and millions of tourists set foot in many of these must-see destinations each year. You can't visit France without taking a photo in front of the Eiffel Tower, or Italy without seeing the Colosseum.

There are 21 famous landmarks from all over the globe in this quiz. All you have to do is identify the continent in which they are located. So this means that even if you don't exactly know the country that it is situated, you still have a good chance of answering the question correctly as long as you know its general vicinity. Sounds easy peasy right? So grab a drink, sit back, and have fun going on a virtual trip around the world in this global landmarks quiz!

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Can You Match 16 of World Landmarks to Their Continent? Quiz Questions

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