Say “Yuck” Or “Yum” to These Foods and We’ll Determine Your Exact Age

This is highly scientific.

Even though everyone has different tastes, there are certain foods that most of us agree are just delicious. Fried chicken and nuggets, burgers and fries, hot dogs and sandwiches -- they're some of the most universally loved foods that are yummy in any language.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are those foods that make people cringe. Often, it may be a texture issue, such as liver, mussels and oysters. It can also have to do with smell, such as durian or tuna. A lot of the commonly disliked foods are vegetables, such as beets, tomatoes, olives and mushrooms that many people can't stand, and are happy to omit them from their salads whenever possible.

Depending on the foods and cuisines one has been exposed to growing up in his or her culture, a person may develop likes and dislikes for certain foods. Your feelings towards some common food items will help determine what age you are.


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