Order Some Starbucks and We’ll Guess Your Actual Age

Would you like whipped cream on that?

Who doesn't love Starbucks? The coffee chain has over 26,000 outlets spanning 75 countries. Its very first store, commonly called the Original Starbucks, was established in 1971 at Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle, Washington, United States, and is still open today. Not only do they offer classic coffee-based drinks, like espresso and cappuccino, there's also the iced and blended coffee/creme-based Frappuccinos, and delicious non-coffee based drinks like the hot chocolate.

So fans of the popular coffeehouse, disregard the calories and prices of the menu items for a minute. We're going to let you order whatever you want from Starbucks (hypothetically, of course). Based on your orders, we will accurately guess your actual age! Have fun!

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