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Can You Name These Landmarks Of The World?
Angkor Wat
Burj Khalifa,Burj Dubai
Chichen Itza
Christ The Redeemer
CN Tower,Cn Tower
Forbidden City,The Forbidden City
Golden Gate Bridge,The Golden Gate Bridge
Hollywood Sign,Hollywood
Eiffel Tower
Moai,Easter Island Statue
Obelisk of Buenos Aires,Obelisco De Buenos Aires,Obelisk,The Obelisk,Obelisco,El Obelisco,Buenos Aires Obelisk
Great Wall of China,The Great Wall,Great Wall
Kennedy Space Center,Kennedy Space Centre
Great Mosque of Mecca,Great Mosque,Grand Mosque
Parthenon,The Parthenon
Statue Of Liberty,The Statue Of Liberty
Saint Basil's Cathedral,Saint Basil's,Saint Basils,St Basil's,St. Basil's,St Basils,St. Basils,Cathedral Of Vasily The Blessed
Great Pyramid Of Giza,The Great Pyramid Of Giza,Pyramids Of Giza,Pyramid
Petronas Towers,Petronas Twin Towers
Stonehenge,Stone Henge
Sydney Opera House
Taipei 101
Taj Mahal
White House,The White House,Whitehouse
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Can You Name These Landmarks Of The World? πŸ°πŸ—½πŸ—»πŸ—ΏπŸ―

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Can You Name These Landmarks Of The World?

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