🍳 Cook Scrambled Eggs And We’ll Accurately Guess Your Age And Gender

If you’re a fan of scrambled eggs, you’d love this quiz! As one of the most popular dishes to make with eggs, there are divided opinions on making the perfect plate of scrambled eggs. We’ve got a tried-and-tested method of how that should be done.

All you would need are eggs, milk, butter, salt and pepper for a basic, easy-to-cook and delicious plate of scrambled eggs. First add all the ingredients except the butter into a bowl, beating them till they’ve combined together. Heat the butter up in a pan, then pour the mixture you have from earlier into the pan and gently stir until it begins to set. Keep folding the mixture until it solidifies. You can now serve the dish! Remember to eat it while it’s warm for the best flavor.

Take this quiz and tell us how you would make your ideal plate of scrambled eggs. Pick out your favorite ingredients and we will guess your exact age and gender!