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Only Someone Who Lived Through the ’80s Can Identify 17/21 of These Singers

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  1. 🥑 Here Are 18 Fruits — I’ll Be Impressed If You Can Identify Just 14 of Them
  2. Can You Guess the Missing Object in These Book Titles? 🍎
  3. Most Disney Fans Can’t Identify More Than 15/18 of These Movie Foods – Can You?
  4. Can You *Actually* Nail This 20-Question Visual Trivia Challenge on Your First Try?
  5. Ultimate Cartoon Cat Quiz! 🐱 Can You Identify These 21 Cute Kitty Characters?
  6. Most People Can’t Identify 16/21 of These Condiments — Can You?
  7. 🍓 I’m Pretty Sure You Can’t Identify at Least 15/21 of These Berries
  8. 🐈 Most People Can’t Identify More Than 12/18 of These Cat Breeds — Can You?
  9. 🐾 Most People Can’t Identify 12/15 of These Pups – Can You?
  10. We Bet You Can’t Identify More Than 20/27 of These Dog Breeds
  11. 🍍 If You Can Identify 15/18 of These Tropical Fruits, You’re a Fruit Ninja
  12. Is This a 🐶 Puppy or a 🐱 Kitten?
  13. Here Are 15 Common French Desserts — I’ll Be Impressed If You Know Just 12 of Them
  14. Only a Truly Cultured Person Can Correctly Identify 18/24 of These Famous Artworks
  15. Ultimate Cartoon Dog Quiz! 🐶 Can You Identify These 24 Fictional Pups?
  16. Here Are 21 Tiny Emoji Flags — I’ll Be Impressed If You Can Identify 14 of Them
  17. Can You Actually Grab the Right Things in This Kitchen?
  18. 🌰 Most People Can’t Identify 12 of These Nuts — Can You?
  19. 🌿 If You Can Identify 12/15 of These Herbs, You’re a Legit Chef
  20. 🌶 Only a Serious Cook Can Correctly Identify 16/21 of These Spices
  21. 🍫 Most People Can’t Identify 15/21 of These Candy — Can You?
  22. 🥐 Most People Can’t Identify 14/21 of These French Pastries — Can You?
  23. We Bet You Can’t Identify More Than 23/30 of These Disney Characters
  24. Only a Person Older Than 55 Can Name 14/18 of These TV Shows
  25. 🥔 Sorry, But If You Can’t Identify 13/18 of These Dishes, You Can Never Eat Potatoes Again
  26. I Bet You Can’t Identify More Than 10/15 of These Pixar Movie Foods
  27. 🍒 Most People Can’t Identify All of These Fruits — Can You?
  28. Only an American Can Identify 14/15 of These Foods
  29. 🌉 If You Can’t Identify 16/21 of These World Landmarks, Then You Don’t Know Jack About Geography
  30. Only a Food Snob Can Get Over 75% On This French Cuisine Quiz


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