Do You Actually Prefer American or French Desserts?

It's hard to choose, so this quiz will help you decide.

France is renowned for its breads, cheeses, and fine cuisine. And, most importantly, the French invented some of the best and most decadent sweets and pastries in the world. In fact, we wouldn't have the word dessert if it weren't for the French word desservir, meaning to un-serve the main components of the meal.

America is serious about its desserts as well. Many iconic cakes, pies and other sweets are popular across the land and make up the United States' culinary story.

We all have our favorite go-to desserts for dinner parties, casual guests, and cozy family dinners. From light-as-air pastries to dense, dark chocolatey delights, there's a delicious sweet for every palate. The question is, do dessert fans generally have a preference between American andย French desserts? Go through this scrumptious quiz to see which cuisine you would rather have. Just don't be surprised if you have a hankering for a baked treat after taking this quiz.

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Do You Actually Prefer American or French Desserts? Quiz Questions

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