Are You an Old Person in a Young Person’s Body?

Or are you a young person in an old body?

Getting old is something that happens to all of us, but some people still get scared at the thought of growing older. They may fear not being able to do what they loved when they were younger, or the gradual change in appearance. On the other hand, there are some young people who can't wait to grow up. They have more mature thoughts and hobbies, and it's easy to spot them.

These old souls enjoy getting home early after work to catch their favorite TV shows before heading to bed. They usually don't interact much with their co-workers or meet up with friends. On weekends they'd rather run errands than to hang out or go partying. They also use phrases like "back in my day" or "I remember a time when", even though they've only had a handful of experiences.

Take this quiz to find out if you're an old person trapped in a young person's body, or if you're normal for your age!

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