Are You Smarter Than 65% Of Americans? Take This Word Quiz and Find Out

Are you a natural wordsmith?

The English language is huge, with words entering into the millions. A diverse vocabulary is useful in creating beautiful prose. Word quizzes like this one can provide your mind with a good challenge because they test the depths of your memory to uncover the words and meanings you didn't even realize you had forgotten.

So, are you a whiz when it comes to the English language? Are you a natural wordsmith, an avid reader of anything you can get your hands on? Did you score well on the Scholastic Assessment Test? Prove it! Take the challenge, testing your intellect by finding the best definition with the word provided in each question. Are you able to correctly match the meanings to the words in this quiz? There are more than a few here that might trip you up. Can you score at least 12? 15 out of 15? Quiz yourself to find out.

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Are You Smarter Than 65% Of Americans? Take This Word Quiz & Find Out Questions

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