✈️ How Many of the 20 Best Countries for Tourists Have You Visited?

How well-traveled are you?

When it comes to choosing a place to vacation, what appeals to one group of travelers might not be of interest to another. And with so many different countries in the world to choose from, narrowing down your options can be challenging, which is why we let the World Economic Forum (WEF) do much of the work for us.

Every year, the organization releases its Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report, a ranking of the countries that offer the best travel experiences for tourists. Various factors such as environmental sustainability, health and hygiene, safety and security, tourist infrastructure, natural and cultural resources, business environment, international openness, and price competitiveness are taken into consideration.

This quiz counts down the top 20 best countries for tourists in 2019 based on the WEF ranking. How many of these destinations have you actually visited? Find out which countries made the list, and the ones to add to your travel bucket list next.

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