👶🏻 Build a Kid’s Meal and We’ll Reveal How Many Kids You’ll Have

We've all secretly wanted to order a kid's meal ourselves.

Let's face it: kids are picky eaters. They know what they like and what they don't. And they make it a point to demonstrate this during mealtimes. That's why kid's meals not only taste good, they must look good too. At the same time the meal should also include nutrients from different food groups. This is to ensure that the child grow steadily, physically and mentally.

As a child's caretaker, do you ensure a large portion of fruits, even though the kid doesn't enjoy the taste? Or do you cave in and give him some unhealthy but delicious snacks, like cookies and french fries? To add to the challenge, you'll have to make the food look appetizing too. Balancing out what the child wants and needs sure is no easy feat!

In this quiz, you have the task of preparing a yummy kid's meal. Based on how you plan the meal, we will be able to guess how many kids you'll have!

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