Build a 🍔 Burger Meal to Know 👶🏻 How Many Kids You’ll Have

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Not everyone builds a hamburger in the same way. Everyone enjoys a different combination of vegetables, condiments, and even hamburger buns. Putting together the perfect hamburger is something almost everyone enjoys. There is something about the combination of buns, meat, and condiments that is almost universally loved.

We can guess or predict how many kids you are going to have based on how you decide to build a burger. That might sound strange but we’ve got it down to a science. There are little clues about you and your personality that are revealed when you decide what to put on your burger, what kind of patty to use, and even where you decide to eat this meal. We then use your answers and analyze all the data to determine just how many kids you are going to have in this lifetime. If you love eating hamburgers, this quiz is just for you.

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