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Can You Beat the Average Person in This English Word Quiz?

If you take pride in your grasp of the English language, your moment has arrived.
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If you think you have a great command of the English language, you probably have a better grasp of it than the average Joe. To find that out for sure, here's a word quiz that will put your English proficiency to the test.

Are you confident when it comes to grammar, vocabulary, and various components of the English language? Do you know the synonyms for many common and not-so-common words? You tell us! Would you be able to identify the definition of falter from a list of confusing ones? You should be able to pick out the synonyms for words like redundant and loyalty, as well as the correct form of many popular phrases.

Have your shot at this tricky word test, and try to get at least 10 questions right. Do that and you will prove that your command of English is better than the average person, once and for all.

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