Can You Pass a 6th Grade Vocabulary Quiz?

Will you make the grade?

Let's face it, now that we're adults, we've basically forgotten everything we learned in school, be it arithmetic, geography, or science. But, is that the case for every subject we studied in school? What about English? Let's find out!

Trying in vain to memorize the meaning of words you never have and never plan on using in everyday conversation is not only boring, but seems completely pointless. While some of us have blocked that point of our lives out of our minds, others can still remember every vocabulary word on the list. So where do you fall? Do you know when to use words like "stimulate", "arouse", and "motivate"?

This quiz will ask you to identify the most suitable words to fill in the blanks of different sentences. The questions come from an actual 6th grade exam paper. Think you’ll be able to ace it? Prove you paid attention in English class by passing this 6th grade quiz on vocabulary and word usage.

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Can You Pass a 6th Grade Vocabulary Quiz? Questions

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