Only Real Movie Buffs Can Score 10/15 on This 2017 Movie Trivia Quiz

A little bit of everything for every cinephile out there.

2017 has been a revolutionary year in film in terms of breaking boundaries and entertaining the masses. We don't see everything that goes on behind-the-scenes of the released movies, but here are some nuggets of info that may interest you.

Did you know that Hugh Jackman had been working towards the release of The Greatest Showman for about seven years? He admitted that his preparation for this film was harder than that of Logan. That says a lot, especially since he went to extreme lengths for the Wolverine flick, which included depriving his body of water for a full day and a half to appear even more ripped before a shirtless scene!

You might have seen It and felt terrorized by Pennywise the clown. Swedish actor Bill Skarsgรฅrd, the man behind the character, is actually a very nice guy to all the cast and crew members during filming. But once he donned the iconic clown outfit, his young co-stars were too afraid to even go near him!

In this quiz, test how a big of a movie buff you are by seeing how much you can remember about the movies that came out in 2017!

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Only Real Movie Buffs Can Score 10 on This 2017 Movie Trivia Quiz Questions

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