Can You Solve These Wheel of Fortune Puzzles?

Would you like to buy a vowel?

Wheel... Of... Fortune!

Did you chant along with us? The famous television game show has been on-air since 1975, a little over 40 years! Did you know the show is loosely based on the popular game, Hangman?

Contestants take turns to spin a wheel to determine the cash amount they would win if they correctly guess a consonant in the given puzzle. They can use their earnings to purchase vowels to achieve the ultimate goal - solving the puzzles. The show traditionally has 3 contestants every episode, playing in 3 to 5 rounds, before the contestant with the highest earnings goes on to the final round to win a bigger amount.

It's your turn to step up as a contestant to solve these puzzles! Get closer to solving the puzzle by picking letter after letter. Once you're close to solving the puzzle, pick the option you think completes the puzzle. Pass this and we're sure you can do well on the actual show!

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