Put Together a 🧀 Charcuterie Board and We’ll Reveal Your Most Desired Comfort Food

I know what you want.

You might not believe this but we can actually tell what your most favorite comfort food is based on the items you select for a charcuterie board. It’s true! What you decide to serve in this way says a lot about what you like to eat when you are feeling a little down. We all have our own comfort foods we go to when we feel like we just need a little comfort. Maybe yours is a big bucket of greasy fried chicken or a fresh hot-from-the-oven pizza. Perhaps you love grilled cheese and will reach for it when you are feeling blue.

Comfort foods are something we all reach for from time to time. You might not even know what type of comfort food is just perfect for you. This quiz will reveal the type of comforting food that is best suited to your needs. Just lay out a charcuterie board with your favorite items and we will tell you what your most desired comfort food is.

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