Choose Some Condiments and We’ll Tell You the Color of Your Aura

Are you fiery red or wasabi green?

Condiments can make the difference between a dish tasting amazing and just "meh". Most of us tend to stick to the ones we have tried and tested. Yes, we're talking about the same old ketchup, hot sauce, barbecue, and mustard. However, if you keep an open mind, you may be interested to venture into some of these up and coming condiments.

In Korea, "Gochujang" has gained the same popularity as ketchup in the western world. It is a literal translation of its name, which is fermented chili peppers, along with other ingredients that make it an addictive sauce. You could also try a mustard-based hot sauce known as "Inner Beauty". It is a different take on the classic spicy condiment, with even more of a kick.

In this quiz, tell us which condiment you would pair with a number of favorite foods many of us can't live without. Your choices will determine the color of your aura.

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