Most Disney Fans Can’t Identify More Than 15/18 of These Movie Foods – Can You?

Are you a Disney culinary expert?

Who can resist a good movie food scene, even if it's made of cartoon pixels? Some of the most iconic moments in the magical world of Disney movies involve the eating, prepping or presenting of mouth-watering food, and are responsible for evoking emotions that range from elation to anguish to straight up hunger.

Whether it is Tiana's frying of pillowy beignets in The Princess and the Frog, two pups falling in love over spaghetti and meatballs in Lady and the Tramp, the towering buttercream cake in Sleeping Beauty, or a mouse with culinary brilliance in Ratatouille, it's safe to say that food moments are a staple in Disney films.

Between the beautiful princesses, evil villains, and storylines, have you also been paying attention to the foods? Are you able to pick out the snacks, dishes and desserts from each of the many Disney classics? We dare you to complete this quiz, identify all the Disney movie foods, and not get a craving for one of them.

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Most Disney Fans Can't ID More Than 15 of Movie Foods. â€Ļ Quiz Questions

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