Do You Have as Much Vocabulary as You Think You Do?

For example, do you know what the word "epitome" means?

Having a large vocabulary is important for anyone. Having a good grasp of the language and knowing how to best communicate our thoughts, opinions, and ideas is a necessary part of having happy and fulfilling relationships with others. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of using certain words incorrectly and as a result bring about much conflict into their lives due to miscommunication. Saying one thing and having the person you are speaking with believe you meant something entirely different leads to common misunderstandings. Misunderstandings may further lead to disagreements, feelings of disrespect, and conflict.

Having a vast and correct vocabulary is important for anyone. You might not have as strong of a vocabulary as you think you do, however. It might be best for you to test your understanding of the words in this quiz here. You might even discover that youโ€™ve been using some words entirely wrong all your life.

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Do You Have as Much Vocabulary as You Think You Do? Quiz Questions

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