🍆 Do You Actually Know How These Foods Grow?

How do cashews grow?

🍆 Do You Actually Know How These Foods Grow?
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You surely know about common fruits like apple and oranges growing on trees and root vegetables growing from the ground. How about the rest of the produce you consume on a daily basis? Do you know where your food actually comes from?

Eggplants seem like they either grow on trees or from the ground. However, they actually grow on low plants. Even more surprisingly, they are technically berries due to this fact! Did you know cashews grow out of a fruit known as cashew apples? The cashew's shell, which is toxic, is attached to the bottom of the apple. You may guess that artichokes come from the ground, but they are actually flower buds!

In this quiz, we will test your knowledge of how certain foods grow! You need to identify if the fruit or vegetable in question grows on trees, vines, from the ground, or another way altogether! Take this as an ultimate test of your produce knowledge.

🍆 Do You Actually Know How These Foods Grow? Quiz Questions