Only 1 in 50 Americans Know the Meaning of These 16 Words. Do You?

It's time to find out how good your vocabulary is.

According to a new study, developing good reading habits during childhood significantly benefits vocabulary in later life. If you have cultivated a love for reading when you were young, chances are your passion for books would have continued into adulthood. A lifelong habit for reading improves our lives in many ways.

As W. Somerset Maugham once wrote, "To acquire the habit of reading is to construct for yourself a refuge from almost all the miseries of life." A good book can be hugely satisfying, can teach you about things beyond your daily horizons, and can create characters so vivid you feel as if you really know them. It improves our appreciation for the language and helps us develop a command of tough vocabulary.

We've all come across certain pesky vocabulary words when reading books, newspapers, and online articles. To find out how impressive the range of your vocabulary is, take our quiz and find out.

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Only 1 in 50 Americans Know Meaning of 16 Words. Do You? Quiz Questions

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