🥐 If You’ve Eaten 11/21 of These French Baked Goods, You Should Move to France Already

Do you actually belong in Paris?

For all of France's fine dishes—everything from beef bourguignon to coq au vin—it can be argued that the crown jewel of French cuisine is dessert. The patisseries and bakeries in France are famous for a reason. The French have gotten the art of making baked goods down pat. From the elegant mille-feuille to dainty chouquettes, a common thread that links them all is the burst of rich flavor that comes with every bite.

The country specializes in everything from fluffy breads to fruit tarts, cookies to multi-layered cakes. Many of the world's most beloved and influential treats employ techniques and basics that are French in origin.

From classic French pastries to modern cakes, tarts, and more, there are dozens of incredible French breads, pastries and desserts to try. How many of these delicious French treats have you eaten? If you have had the luxury of indulging in most of them, then you probably belong in France.

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