Choose Some Unpopular Food to Try and We’ll Give You an Underrated Show to Watch

You either love 'em or you hate 'em.

Everyone has a couple of foods that they hate. Even avid food lovers have some items that they can't stand eating. However, there are some dishes and ingredients that you should incorporate into your diet, just for the benefits they can bring to your body.

Some people may dislike the texture or tastes of mushrooms. But you shouldn't overlook the protein and vitamins B and D that they provide. Adding them to burgers is a great way to mask their texture. If you don't like fish, you aren't getting the omega-3 fatty acids you need for a healthy heart and brain. Cooking it thoroughly gets rid of the fishy smell and the flavor can be enhanced by a marinade of your choice. If you are one of those who hate avocados, you should try the fruit anyway just for its nutrients, including vitamin E, potassium, and essential fatty acids, which would do wonders for your skin and heart.

Pick some polarizing foods in this quiz you wouldn't mind trying. We'll reward you with an underrated TV show you should start watching right away afterwards!

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