I’m Extremely Curious If You’d Rather ๐Ÿฅง Eat or ๐Ÿน Drink These Foods

Some foods are great either way.

Some foods are better eaten and some are better when they are in beverage form. But many foods are just as awesome either way. Take chocolate, for example. As an eaten treat, chocolate can be absolutely wonderful. When prepared as hot chocolate, however, it can be the warm delight that turns a cold day into a fantastic time with friends.

Fruits are quite often prepared as both food and drink. There is something about the nature of fruits and their juices that make them perfectly suitable as either beverage or something to eat. You can often incorporate a fruit into a dessert or include it as part of a meal. Itโ€™s very versatile that fruit.

Whether you prefer eating or drinking various foods has more to do with your personal preferences than anything else. We are genuinely curious about whether you prefer to eat or drink the foods in this quiz. Please, for our sake, take this quiz. We are extremely keen to find out.

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