🧼 Your Personal Hygiene Habits Will Reveal Which πŸ“• Young Adult Book You’re Most Like

Which literary characters share the same hygiene practices as you?

Which Young Adult Book Are You?
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Everyone has different personal hygiene practices that they have developed throughout their lives. Some are a little more careful to make sure they are clean and nice-smelling. While some people want to make sure they wash their hands, brush their teeth, disinfect their belongings, and generally keep as clean as possible, other people can swing to the opposite extreme. The latter group doesn't care how dirty they get or how much they smell. Then there's also the group that started paying more attention to washing, cleaning, and sanitizing only after COVID-19.

Your personal hygiene practices say a lot about you, your lifestyle, and your personality. There is a young adult novel or series that you belong in based on your approach to keeping clean. If you would like to find out which literary piece you would best fit into then answer these questions as honestly as you can and we will let you know.

Which Young Adult Book Are You? Quiz Questions