Sorry, You Can Call Yourself a Trivia Expert Only If You Can Pass This Tricky Quiz

Everyone else is still welcome to try anyway.

You may think you've seen it all when it comes to trivia quizzes. We're sorry to disappoint you, but you ain't seen nothing yet. You have not been exposed to our latest set of questions, handpicked to sure you get a thorough brain workout!

If you're well-versed with your pop culture, you would be aware of a certain talk show host that once gave out cars to every single audience member in an unprecedented move. Do you remember who this generous host was? You probably have seen Instagram photos of your friends' trip to Santorini and envied them, but do you know which country that is? We'll be impressed if you know what radium is, but to truly earn our praise, see if you can identify the people that discovered it.

If you think you're knowledgeable on such topics and you are prepared for the stress of this tricky quiz, you may be able to pass it and legitimately call yourself a trivia expert, once and for all!

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You Can Call Yourself Trivia Expert Only If You Can Pass This Tricky Quiz Questions

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