If You’ve Seen at Least 20 of These Recent Emmy-Nominated Shows, You’re a TV Expert

Do you have good taste in TV?

Each year since 1949, long before the era of streaming and binge-watching, the Emmy Awards have honored the best in primetime television. The Emmys have long been synonymous with excellence in the television industry, so it makes sense that many show nominees are amongst the most popular. Award-winning series such as Breaking Bad, The Crown and Game of Thrones kept fans glued to their sofas week after week, season after season, to find out what would happen next.

With so many streaming services at our fingertips, there is a plethora of shows we can enjoy at literally any place, any time. Whether it is a drama or sitcom, horror or fantasy, there truly is something to suit everyone from the amazing pool of must-see series that have either won or been nominated for an Emmy.

Here are some of the best Emmy-winning and nominated shows over the years. After taking this quiz, you may want to catch up on them — or enjoy them all over again.

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If You've Seen 20 of Recent Emmy-Nominated Shows, You'r… Quiz Questions

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