Choose Some Fictional Characters for Your Squad and We’ll Tell You If You’d Survive the End of the World

Who will you pick to improve your chances?

Talk about an impending apocalypse has been around for ages, since biblical times. It's pretty ironic since people have been claiming that the end of the world is "around the corner" for such a long time. But even so, we should be prepared for any end of the world event, just in case it happens.

The best way to improve your chances for survival is to exercise and keep your body in tiptop condition. Any apocalyptic event is literally the survival of the fittest. You also won't have easy access to medicine, so it's best that you're healthy. Life skills, like starting a fire and swimming in deep waters, are important. The end of the world will surely pose situations where such skills are required. You should also pre-pack a survival kit with things like bottles of water, canned food, and bandages.

In this quiz, you get to pick some of your favorite fictional personalities to join your squad. The characters you choose will determine if the lot of you can survive the end of the world!

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