Pretend to Work as a ✈️ Flight Attendant and We’ll See How You Manage

It's not as easy as it looks.

Do you think you would make it as a flight attendant? It is a very demanding job and you have to deal with unruly passengers at times. We’ve all seen that there is no shortage of videos online of flight attendants having to put up with abuse from rude passengers. You have to be very patient to work in such a role but you would get to travel all over the globe.

This quiz will determine how well you would do as a flight attendant. It will provide you with several scenarios that flight attendants regularly have to deal with and then you are tasked with selecting the option that best represents how you would handle the situation. It is entirely possible that the stress of the job would result in you quitting on the spot. On the other hand, you might really excel in such a role. Take this quiz to find out how you would fare as a flight attendant.

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