✈️ Pick an Outfit to Wear on a Plane and We’ll Tell You Which City You’re Headed to

Do you dress for comfort or style?

Flying can be an uncomfortable experience for many, as you have to remain in one spot for hours. You can make the best of this situation by making adjustments, one of which is wearing clothes that help you feel most comfortable. How do you do that? Read on to find out!

Compression socks are important if you'll be in your seat for a prolonged period of time, as they help prevent blood clots from forming. It is best to wear stretchy or loose pants so that you can adjust your lower half into any position you want. A jacket will protect you from the cold temperatures during the flight, especially an overnight one. Hoodies are great too, because they can block your eyes from the light and help you sleep more easily.

In this quiz, pick out items and accessories to create your ideal traveling outfit. Your choices will determine the next destination you are headed to!

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