This May Sound Fake, But We Know What Age You’ll Live to Based on This Weird Food/Drink Combo Test

Would you pair ice cream with beer?

Many of us have our own go-to drink that we like to have no matter what we are eating. Be it a cuppa joe at brunch or a glass of wine at dinner, it just seems to go well with whatever food we are having.

Who can resist the temptation of a juicy meat patty on a hot burger bun? It feels even better to wash it down with a cold beer. Now imagine having it with a hot cup of peppermint tea instead - sounds weird right? We've always thought of milk and cookies as a beloved combination. Would you enjoy chocolate chip cookies with a cup of soda instead?

We know there are more out there, so voice your thoughts in the comments! No matter how much you may hate a certain food/drink combo, taste is subjective and personal. Tell us what you think of the following weird food and drink pairings. Based on your unique preferences, we can tell you what age you will live to!

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This May Sound Fake, But I Know What Age You'll Live to by This Weird Food/Drink Combo Test Questions

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