You Must Be Aged Over 50 If You Have Eaten 18/25 of These Forgotten Classic Dishes

We need to bring back some of these.

Food is universal. Everyone eats it, and it connects us with people of various cultures and creeds. The foods that people used to enjoy may be different from today. They were great when we were growing up, and they're just as delicious now. Some foods come and go, but many beloved but all-but-forgotten dishes and desserts certainly still deserve a spot on our dining table.

When you think of the meals from decades ago, your mind might immediately conjure up images of food encased in gelatin, chicken mousse, boiled vegetables, and bland baked meats. But apart from some slightly less than savory dishes, those years also gave us comforting dinners like chicken potpie, meatloaf, and Salisbury steak.

Here are 25 retro classic including some that remain relevant today, and some that have, for the most part, disappeared. If you have tried a large majority of them, then you are likely to have an old soul.

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