This 15-Question Geography Quiz Will Test Every Corner of Your Mind

Hope you're wearing your smarty pants.

Geography is both the natural and anthropocentric worlds we know and often involves the interaction between those two. The Earth, the natural vegetation, water, and landmasses as well as the ways humans have diced those up into countries, cities, and places where people dwell.ย Geography is more fun than many people believe it to be. Itโ€™s the study of everything around us, what could possibly be more interesting than that? Still, Geography sometimes gets pushed down the ranks of subjects that students are enthusiastic about, falling short to classes like History and the beloved gym class.

Someone with a good understanding of geography should do quite well on this quiz. Even if some of the questions here trip you up, it only means youโ€™ll end up with more geographical knowledge by the end of the quiz. Test your knowledge of the natural and human world around you with this geography quiz!

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15 Geography Quiz Questions To Test Every Corner Of Your Mind Questions

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