The Hardest English Quiz You’ll Take Today

Is your answer the right answer?

Take your shot at this difficult English quiz, if you are looking for a challenge after years of not being tested on the language in school! You may think you're well-versed in the different parts of the English language, but here's a quick run-through on certain parts of the quiz before you take it on.

We're going to focus on three aspects - definitions, synonyms, and parts of speech. If you think your vocabulary is good, you wouldn't have a problem with the first and second parts. You may have heard of the words "deride" and "decry", but could you pick out their definitions? Even if you're familiar with "honesty", it may be difficult for you to know the other words that share a similar meaning. Parts of speech refer to adjectives, pronouns, adverbs, and more!

If you've got a strong hold on these topics, then you may just have a chance to pass this English quiz. However, fair warning, this may actually be the hardest English quiz you've taken today, seriously.

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