If You Do 9/17 of These Things, Then You Are Super Distracted

"What was I doing again?"

In our fast-paced lifestyle, certain distractions are well-deserved breaks from working hard over a long period. However, more often than not, we let distractions take us away from doing what we need to get done. As such, there are some distractions you should avoid.

Playing video games may seem like you're taking a break, but you may get worked up trying to win than feel relaxed. You're also not letting your eyes rest. The same can be said about scrolling through social media. Mindlessly looking through your friends' updates may not give your mind the break it deserves. It also may consume a lot more time than you intended to. Watching a video while working may seem like a harmless way to multi-task. However, you're just dividing your attention between two things and not putting in your best effort. So it's best to stay focused on your work without getting distracted!

In this quiz, find out if you're a super distracted person! All you have to do is tell us if you do the majority of the following quirks.

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