If You Have at Least 12/23 of These Foods in Your Kitchen, You’re Officially Middle-Class

How fancy are your eating habits?

If You Have 12 of Foods in Your Kitchen, You're Middle-… Quiz

Going grocery shopping can be the highlight of the week – what is more satisfying than a kitchen full of food? A pantry well-stocked with healthy staples allows you to throw together a fast, flavorful meal after a long day. And, when you wake up and have to dash out the door for work, it pays to have grab-and-go breakfast and snack options on hand. Without these easy go-tos at the ready, chances are you're ordering takeout after a long day. That's hard on both your wallet and your waistline. However, did you know that what you buy at the grocery store can actually reveal a lot about yourself?

In fact, we can detect how middle-class you are, just from what you put in your shopping basket. Here's the definitive test to find out if your shopping habits are middle class or not – no judgement, just the facts. How many of these foods have you bought in the last 6 months? Take the quiz below to find out where you rank on the middle class scale.


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If You Have 12 of Foods in Your Kitchen, You're Middle-… Quiz Questions