🐕 Only a Dog Person Can Score 15/18 on This Quiz

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Are you a dog person or a cat person? Forget about the Myers-Briggs test or any other personality quizzes. A better way to gauge someone's personality is through whether they prefer dogs or cats. Generally there are two types of people in this world. You are either a dog person or a cat person. Which are you? Even the rarer bi-petuals – people who love both dogs and cats – have personalities closer to dog people.

There are more dog people than cat people for sure. About six percent more US households own dogs than cats. In survey after survey, people who say they love dogs outnumber cat lovers by as much as five to one. Dog people are more sociable, friendlier and extroverted compared to cat people, who are said to be more intelligent and neurotic.

Test your knowledge of dogs, and find out if you're a well informed dog person by taking this dog trivia quiz!

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