Order Some Food at These Fictional Restaurants and We’ll Give You a Food Capital to Visit

Your chance to order a Krusty Burger, Remy's ratatouille, and a $5 shake.

When watching our favorite characters on TV or the silver screen, they can sometimes be seen hanging out at an eatery. They may be munching on food that leaves our mouths watering and it makes us wish that we could get a taste of what they are eating.

The Friends characters frequently spent their free time – and even work hours – at Central Perk. They may not always finish their drinks, but that doesn't stop us from longing for a hot cup of joe from Gunther! Well, we don't trust Rachel to get our order right, that's for sure. When cashier Ed welcomes us to Good Burger in All That, do you ever crave the classic Good Burger with some Good Fries, despite the bad service? How about washing all of that down with a butterbeer in Hogsmeade? Here's your chance!

Tell us which food you'd like to order from the following fictional restaurants and we'll tell you which food capital you should be touring on your next vacation.

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