Pick Some Food and We’ll Reveal Which Continent You Should Really Live on

Let your tastebuds guide the way.

"There is no love sincerer than the love of food," George Bernard Shaw said. Looking at the sheer number of amazing cuisines and dishes around the world, he certainly was right.

But which are the tastiest? Which are the best foods? What are the destinations that serve them? And are there any dishes that are actually worth trekking the globe to hunt down? Any cuisines that may perhaps inspire you to move across the world to gastronomic paradise?

Your eyes are in for a feast as you get to pick the food that looks the most appetizing to you in this quiz! And because food is such an essential ingredient of human life โ€“ survival, comforts, culture, tradition, lifestyle, festivals, relationships, your choices will determine which continent you should actually be living in.

So grab a spoon, get ready to dig in, and see if you should actually consider moving halfway across the world!

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