Pick Some Popular ๐Ÿ“บ TV Sitcoms from Various Decades, And We’ll Tell You Which Decade You Belong

Hop on a time machine!

The television sitcom is now a multi-generational art form. Every decade is known for its iconic sitcoms. In the seventies, for instance, there was CBS' legendary 1973 Saturday night lineup that had four sitcoms that aired together (All in the Family, M*A*S*H, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and The Bob Newhart Show).ย The 1990s saw its share of iconic sitcoms like Friends, The Single Guy, Seinfeld, Caroline in the City and ER.

It seems we might actually be nearing the end of the TV sitcom golden age. The way we view entertainment is changing and the popular television sitcoms in prime time are seemingly being replaced by streaming services and the different types of content they offer. Perhaps the television sitcom will go the way of Blockbuster in a few years but if that's the case, we are certainly glad we got so much entertainment in those 30-minute shows.

This is a quiz that will take you on a nice stroll down memory lane no matter if your TV watching peaked in the '90s, '80s, '70s or earlier. we can tell which decade you would feel right at home in based on which TV sitcoms you choose to watch.

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