Rate These 15 Foods and We’ll Reveal If You’re More Shy or Outgoing

Are you what you eat?

With the world growing increasingly connected, there are more and more food choices from different cuisines becoming easily available to us. From sushi to fried chicken to tacos, we are often spoilt for choice. Sometimes it might even be  difficult to pick which place to eat at as there are simply too many types of delicious food for us to choose from!

There is a famous saying that states that you are what you eat. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to food so let's test out this adage and see whether our taste in food says something about our personality.

In this quiz, we will be getting you to rate 15 different foods from all over the world. From this, we will then use our special algorithm to guess whether you are more of a shy or outgoing person. Without further ado, letโ€™s begin and see if your food preferences can accurately reveal your true personality!

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