✈️ Spend a Weekend in Paris and We’ll Tell You What Your Life Looks Like in 5 Years

You know you're curious.

Life can quickly become monotonous when we are confined to our homes during the coronavirus lockdown. While we realistically can't go on vacation somewhere, boy would it be so therapeutic to take a break and be somewhere else for a while. Why not try some vicarious travel? In this quiz, we all get to imagine we have an entire weekend in Paris, the city of light.

Between all the famous must-see spots to visit, Parisian food and drink to try and culture to absorb, how will you maximize your time to take in all the sights and experiences? What attractions will you visit and what French pastries will you enjoy? Do you head for the Eiffel Tower straight away or spend some time exploring the quaint neighborhoods? Will you make macarons or the opera cake your choice of French dessert? Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Ready for travel and adventures? Then it's time to start the quiz and begin your unforgettable weekend in Paris!

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