🌶 Only a Person Who Can Handle the Heat Will Have Eaten 13/25 of These Spicy Foods

Are you obsessed with spicy food?

Are you obsessed with spicy food? Do you find yourself actively seeking out dishes that are packed full of spices? Spice fans will know that spicy foods are tasty and addictive, and they give your tongue a little zing or a fiery blast when you eat them. Overtime, people who get a kick out of eating spicy food may seek out "hotter" dishes to test their chili tolerance.

Just as certain people flat-out obsess over spicy food, at the other end of the spectrum are the ones who can't take any heat at all. Why is it that some people are able to tolerate spicier food than others? The short answer is that everyone's bodies and sensory perceptions are different.

Now, let's see if you are a person that can handle the heat. Go through the common spicy foods in this quiz and check off the ones you have tasted before. True spice fans would have already eaten most of them. How many have you tried?


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